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Indiana University Omega Chapter

Leadership • Brotherhood • Academics

Beta Sigma Psi at Indiana University strives to provide an environment in which college men can grow in their Leadership, expand their Brotherhood, and excel in their Academics. Everything that is done is designed to help grow in these three areas throughout the collegiate life. Whether it is meetings and training with our leadership adviser, participating in fraternity intramurals, or consistently placing in the top 10 academically(#1 of 30 fraternities in GPA), Beta Sigs are superior.

“Out of all small fraternities nationwide, Beta Sig has the highest quality of men, and we are known for building Leaders.”

Why join?

The bond that brothers share is something that is unique. Looking in from the outside, you can’t understand it. And looking out from the inside, you can’t explain it.

Unfortunately, many students attending college will live in the dorms or off campus housing for the entirety of their college career and will unfortunately never know the benefits of Greek Life. American media has propped up a common misconception that Fraternities lead an un-Christian lifestyle that is simply not true, especially so at Beta Sigma Psi.

Our fraternity was founded in 1925 by an organization of Christian men that were looking for more meaning during their time in college than Bible Studies and cookouts. They wanted to prove to the world that they can be full members of the Greek community while becoming stronger in their faith, remaining scholastically successful, and demonstrating social excellence wherever they went.

Each of our chapters today represents these ideals, and leads the life of a Christian Gentlemen now and throughout the rest of their life. From the moment a man accepts an offer to join he is watched over by his brothers, and given the support he needs to make it through today’s challenging collegiate environment. We find that this form of immediate accountability gives a man the incentive to succeed in school not just because he wants to graduate, but because he doesn’t want to let his brothers down.

Greek life truly enhances the college experience. If one takes an honest look at a modern fraternity chapter, Greeks graduate with a wealth of skills learned outside of the classroom that someone living independently would have never had the opportunity to experience. They develop lifelong friends, a sense of professionalism and know how to be both a team player and a leader. When coupled with statistically better-than-average grades the choice should be apparent to a potential employer.

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