Myths About Greek Life and Beta Sig

Indiana University Omega Chapter

“There’s no difference between Greek Life and Dorm Life”

Uniquely, Greek Life offers more opportuniteis for each member to learn and practice vital leadership and business management skills while in college. We believe this because each chapter is literally a small business with a finances, employees, and a leadership chain. The national fraternity likes to see that every member of the fraternity has a hand in the chapter’s development, and is taking an active role in shaping the chapter’s history. Though each and every student has an opportunity to join a Greek organization while attending college only 10-15% choose to do so and we encourage you to do seak out the opportunity for yourself.

As a member of Beta Sigma Psi, you will have the opportunity to participate in campus intramurals, homecoming, Greek life events including Little 500, and philanthropy projects. Beta Sig have even teamed up with Habitat for Humanity for a national philanthropy campaign. This means that every member of Beta Sigma Psi will be working with Habitat for Humanity, and in some way having a direct impact on the community. Beta Sig members are also highly encouraged to get involved on your campus’s outside of chapter activities.

“All fraternities haze their new members.”

Regardless of what the media may display, not all fraternities are like animal house. In fact, Beta Sigma Psi as a member fraternities of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) has agreed not to haze our members and have in force a No Tolerance Policy. Safeguards and checks have been put in place to ensure that these rules are being upheld by all of our member chapters, though annual inspections. That said, should you or your fellow members ever feel that your morals are being compromised, immediatley bring it to the attention of your local advisory committee, your alumni board, or the National Board of Directors.

“Fraternities party all the time to the detriment of their members.”

Once again this is another media stereotype. Greek students average higher GPAs than their peers on nearly every campus across the United States with each of our member institutions achieving these high marks as well. Beta Sig’s abide by mandatory study/quiet hours for you to get your work done in the house. Beta Sig’s strive to live up to all of our values and therefore will give opportunities for you to engage in each aspect of the fraternity, Spiritually, Scholastically, and Socially.

“Fraternities do nothing but binge drink.”

Absolutely not. Alcohol and illegal substances are very concerning to everyone. Chances are you will encounter alcohol wherever you reside on campus. And while some members choose to drink, you will never be forced to imbide. To make sure members stay safe, Beta Sigma Psi adopted a risk management policy concerning alcohol and other hazards the chapter membership may experience while at college.

“Beta Sigma Psi is a fraternity solely for Lutherans.”

Not at all, Beta Sig is open to all religious denominations, although we encourage our members go to church, we do not force faith upon our members. Beta Sig is about enhancing the collegiate experience for all members, and that would be contradictory to this. The point is that beta sig is a group that does not walk around campus shoving their faith down people’s throats; instead we just invite them to engage in it.